Creation or Evolution? Weighing the Evidence – A Special Presentation this Sunday Oct. 5 at 6:30PM

Dear Friends,

Creation or Evolution?  It’s a big question and an important one.  It is a fundamental question that gets to the heart of the meaning of life.  Please join us at Grace Lutheran Church (136 Margaret Avenue, Kitchener) this Sunday, October 5th starting at 6:30PM for an evening of discussion and learning.  Our guest-speaker, Mr. Peter Sparrow, of Creation Ministries International is an experienced creation speaker.  Don’t let this stop you from joining us if you hold the evolutionist viewpoint because this will be a rare opportunity to ask questions to test the foundations of your worldview.  At his peak, Mr. Sparrow, who hails from Australia, averaged 150 speaking engagements per year so he is well-versed in creation and evolution.  The evening will begin with a talk from Mr. Sparrow on the subject: Creation or Evolution?  Weighing the evidence.  After a break there will be time for questions from the audience.  Once the Q&A time is over you can also talk to Mr. Sparrow one-on-one if you’d like.  There will also be a book table for those who would like to purchase some Creation Ministries publications.  The event is free with an optional freewill offering to support Creation Ministries International.  Please plan on joining us for this rare opportunity to engage with an individual well-versed in the important topic of creation and evolution.  This is an all ages event and Mr. Sparrow is equally happy to take questions from grade-schoolers or university professors.


Pastor Korsch