Sunday School (and Homeschooling) at Grace

Dear friends in Christ,

This morning I was informed of an email from a lady asking about our Sunday school here at Grace.  As her question might be on your mind too, I’ll describe our Sunday school.

Sunday School at Grace starts at 9:30AM from the Sunday after Labour Day until the last Sunday in May.  In the summer months there is no Sunday school as we give our teachers a break.  During the school months worship begins at 10:45AM.

For a small congregation with about 70 worshippers a Sunday we are blessed with many active families with children and youth.  At Grace we are blessed with a regular attendance of more or less 20 children each week, ages 2-13.  We have a nursery where moms look after their little ones during this time.  For children who are potty-trained and are in JK and SK we have a kindergarten class.  Our next class is for children in Grades 1-3, followed by a class for children in Grades 4-8.  Then, for our group of youth in high school we have a high school bible study.  All young adults older than high school age are encouraged to join the adult bible study which also starts at 9:30AM.

While not related to Sunday School but related to the children, Grace has a high percentage of homeschooling families.  More than three-quarters of our children are homeschooled, while at the high school level most of our youth are in public school and some are homeschooled.  The families do their homeschooling individually in their homes but share many social gatherings.  Christian families looking for a supportive environment for homeschoolers will find it at Grace.  There are many fellowship opportunities for the children at Grace and they very much enjoy each other’s company!

For more about our Christian theology and doctrine and our focus on the inerrancy of God’s Word, the Gospel of Christ Jesus and God’s gifts of forgiveness and life which come to us through His Holy Word and Sacraments, please see the other pages of this website.

If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a call at Grace Lutheran at (519) 742-7431 and I’ll be happy to talk with you further.  May the Lord bless you as you raise your children in Christ who is our light and our life!


Pastor Korsch