Lenten Mid-Week Sermon Series

A few weeks back I noticed a book with an intriguing title, “The Unholy Trinity: Martin Luther Against the Idol of Me, Myself and I.”  The book is written by Michael Lockwood and published by Concordia Publishing House.  The back flap of the book notes that in the West we have not given enough thought on the present danger of self-idolatry.  As soon as I saw the book I knew what my mid-week lenten sermon series was going to be called: “Against the Unholy Trinity: Me, Myself and I.”  I haven’t read the book yet but I can tell you some of the sermon topics I’ll cover under this general theme will be (not necessarily in this order) self-provision, self-justification and privacy vs. Christianity/community.

During Lent we will have six mid-week services on Wednesday nights at 7PM.  Our first mid-week Lenten service will be held on March 1st and the sermon series will continue on Wednesdays until April 5th. Please join us on Wednesday nights for this sermon series.


Pastor Korsch

P.S. If you are a local university student and would like to join us for these worship services  the church is located at 136 Margaret Avenue in Kitchener on bus route #8.  If the bus doesn’t work for you to make it to Grace and you would still like to join us for this sermon series on Wednesday nights please give us a call at 519-742-7431 and leave us your name, number and address on our voicemail and we’ll arrange to get you a ride to Grace.