“Christ is arisen! He is arisen indeed! Alleluia.” Christians greet one another with these words during the festival of Easter, as we celebrate the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus three days after He was crucified and died. Jesus gained the victory over our last enemy, namely death, and because He is risen, we too shall arise on the last day.

Easter Introit

The picture shows an elaborately-crafted Easter introit from the late 1400s or early 1500s proclaiming the truth of the resurrection: “I have risen, and I am still with you. Alleluia!” We invite you to join us this Easter season and discover how this good news transforms your life.

The grand initial “R” ornamenting the page depicts the risen Christ standing and giving the priestly sign of blessing while holding a cross banner, a traditional sign of His resurrection. Below, several Roman guards regain consciousness.