Worship Service over Zoom starts Sunday May 10 at 10:45AM

Good day members of Grace:

This Sunday we will try something new, a worship service live-streamed on the Zoom platform.  If your email is with the church you should have already received an invitation to the Zoom meeting which is the worship service.  Cut and paste the website provided in the email into your web browser of your laptop or desktop computer and hit enter.  That will take you to the Zoom portal.  Enter the password provided to enter the meeting.  If you want to use a cell phone you need to download the free Zoom mobile app before you can participate.  The meeting will start at 10:45AM and please note it will be recorded to be later posted on the internet.  We will socialize for the first 15 minutes.  Then at 11AM we will begin the worship service.

The worship service we will use is out of the Lutheran Service Book (LSB) hymnal.  If you have an LSB hymnal have it handy at 11AM.  We will follow the Service of Prayer and Preaching on page 260.  We will speak everything today.  Perhaps in future Sundays we can add some music but this Sunday’s goal is for everyone including your preacher and Zoom host to familiarize themselves with the platform!

I will record the whole Zoom meeting starting at 10:45AM and post a link for the video on this website later in the day.  Lord willing, the Zoom recording file format (an .mp4 file) will be accepted for upload by YouTube.

Hope to see you on Sunday at 10:45AM!

Pastor Korsch