Parking Lot Worship Service this Sunday at Grace at 10:45AM

Dear members of Grace,

At our last Zoom worship service over the internet some members asked if we could have a parking lot worship service and I answered yes if you can help me with the technical aspect of it as well as rules related to keeping cars two metres apart.  The result is we will be having a worship service this Sunday at 10:45AM in the Grace parking lot!

How this works: The way the provincial rules for this work is you come and park your car in a space marked out in chalk in the parking lot (spaced 2 m apart) and you stay in your car at all times for the duration of the service.  Feel free to roll down your windows so you can hear me better.  I will lead the service with the help of a microphone and a small microphone and amplifier.  We will follow the service of Prayer and Preaching on page 260 of the Lutheran Service Book.  Please bring your own hymnal or use a cell phone so that you can find the LSB hymnal online and follow the service that way.  If it does not rain we will also have a keyboard and sing two hymns.  If you wish to give an offering look for the offering bowl on its stand by the door to the lower auditorium as you drive into the parking lot; you can place your offering in the offering bowl.  After the service please refrain from getting out of your cars to socialize in the parking lot as that is apparently against the current provincial rules.  Please socialize responsibly however you wish off of the church property after the service is over.

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch