One worship service at 9:30AM starts July 26th! Read this post for more details.

July 13, 2020

Greetings members of Grace and visitors:

Today the province has put Waterloo Region into stage 3 of its reopening plan.  That means this Sunday, July 19th, will be the last Sunday we will have a 9AM Divine service (for seniors and those who are immune compromised) and a 10:45AM Divine service (for all).  On Sunday, July 26th, we will move on to our regular summer service at 9:30AM.

What will worship look like? It will look similar to what it did before the shut down with the extra precautions we had in place at that time and a few new ones.  A Region of Waterloo by-law is in force until September 30th (as of the day of writing) mandating face masks to be worn in the church building so that is a temporary change.  Please bring your own as the church does not provide them.  If you have difficulty breathing with a face mask or cannot put a face mask on by yourself you are exempt from this by-law, as are children under five.  A selection of other precautions we are taking include: extra cleaning, sitting in designated pews which are spaced three pews apart, sitting in family units, having the offering plate stationary instead of being passed around, having only one or two helpers (eg. ushers), and eliminating the sharing of the peace.  We will also add to this a request that members do not congregate in the narthex before service but enter the church and take their seat immediately.

Please do join us for one of our two Divine Services this Sunday and at 9:30AM starting on July 26th and Sundays thereafter.

If you have further questions about what worship or the Sunday morning will look like feel free to contact me at the church.

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch