Please Sign Up for Easter Sunday Worship

Dear members of Grace,

As Premier Ford has instituted a 28 day lockdown starting on Holy Saturday this means we are required to limit our worship capacity per service to 15% of the sanctuary’s capacity.  In-person worship is still permissible-and we encourage it-and as such your trip to the church is considered an essential trip.

On Easter Sunday we will have two services, one at 9AM where we ask that no attenders who have a face mask exemption attend, and a second at 10:45AM.  As we anticipate that the late service attendance will be a lot higher than our early service attendance we encourage members to sign up for the early service on Easter Sunday such that we will not have to turn away people at the late service.

From today, Holy Thursday, until tomorrow, Good Friday, please phone the church or sign up for your spot at one of the two Easter Sunday services while attending the Holy Thursday or Good Friday services.  After the service is over on Good Friday please call my home number where Deaconess Tara can help you sign up for the Easter Sunday service.  If you do not sign up for Easter Sunday worship you can still come but we will need to limit attendance at both services to our 15% capacity limit.  We don’t want to have to turn you away at the door so please sign up to reserve your spot!

On Easter Sunday sign up sheets will be available to sign up for your worship spot for the Second Sunday of Easter.  As I will be away after Easter there will be no phone-in reservation possible, you will need to sign up in person the Sunday prior.


Pastor Korsch