Our Pastor

Epiphany 2017

Dear Reader,

Pastor in StudyThis week as my family enjoyed a meal at a local quick-serve restaurant my dear wife noticed that a nun was in the line to order food.  Always happy to chat with a fellow Christian we invited her over to sit with our family.

The sister was a pleasure to talk to.  She was kind and respectful and doted over our children.  When we spoke about how we raise our children in a Christian manner she became animated and started talking about how the secular forces in the world think they are making things better but she called our times “the new world disorder.”

From a biblical point of view the world has been in disorder ever since the fall of Adam and Eve into sin in the Garden of Eden.  For as God’s Word states, after God made the world in six days, “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good,” (Genesis 1:31, English Standard Version)  but after Adam and Eve sinned and rebelled against God death and every kind of disorder entered the world.  The joy in the season of Epiphany is God’s work in His Son Jesus Christ who is revealed in the Sunday Bible readings as not only man but the Son of God and the Lamb of God (John 1) to take away the sin of the world.

We must be honest with ourselves and confess that each one of us is part of the disorder in this world as we are all sinners and we sin against God and His commandments just as we sin against each other.  We are constantly tempted to run after the things of this world instead of the gifts of God.   The Lord Jesus did not come down from heaven to tweak things in this world to make it incrementally better but to bring the kingdom of God to earth as He fought against Satan and then went to the cross taking our sin upon Himself to die with it in our stead.

In Epiphany we rejoice that God’s Son has come into the world and with Him God’s grace and peace and forgiveness has broken into our sinful and messed up lives and world.  In Jesus who is our light and our life, now and into eternity, we learn the truth: God loves us and Jesus who died for our sin will come again on the Last Day as Saviour for all who trust in Him as Lord.

It’s always a pleasure to get to meet new people and to make new acquaintances.  While we may not get to see many Christians whom we meet a second time in this life, the joy in Christ is we will see them again on the Last Day after the resurrection of the dead.

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch