Our Pastor

Dear Reader,

We’ve all been through a lot of social and community isolation these last few months and year or so, so I warmly welcome you to join us for Christmas worship this year.  We are blessed with a large sanctuary and a large sanctuary capacity so we have room for you.

On Christmas Eve, there was no room for the holy family in house in Bethlehem so they had to make do with a stable.  But there, in a pastoral setting, the blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Jesus’ name is a version of the Hebrew name Joshua which means “God is salvation.”  In the birth of Jesus Christ, God has come down to earth and taken on humanity.  The Lord Jesus, was no ordinary boy because His father was God which made Him God.  The evangelists show us that Jesus’ sinless life and holy death on a cross outside of Jerusalem was no accident but a fulfilment of prophesy.  Jesus is your Lord and Saviour and His birth for you was the beginning of God’s Word of atoning for your sin.  As if this were not enough, the same Jesus who was born on Christmas rose from the dead three days after he died proving to the disciples and to the world that God accepted His son Jesus’ death for our sin and opened the way to life after death for all.  Christmas is God’s call to you to trust in His saving work for you.

If you are new to the Lutheran denomination, please take a look at the rest of this website to introduce you to some of the distinctive features of the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith.  Lutheranism is the original Protestant denomination (before the Anglican and Baptist and Anabaptist denominations) and you will find in us a beautiful blend of the biblical liturgy of the Roman Catholic denomination, strong Gospel preaching, as well as familiar characteristics of many Protestant denominations.  If you are a Christian couple where one of you was raised Roman Catholic and the other Protestant, both of you will find something familiar in Lutheran worship.

Merry Christmas!

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch