Our Pastor

Dear Reader,

If you’ve found our website on our church sign as you are traveling by on the bus or in your car, welcome!  We are glad you found us.

In many ways we are all traveling, even if we’ve lived in the same city our whole life.  Each day many of us travel to school or to work or to visit family and friends.

Besides moving we are also traveling through life: we are traveling through life from birth to death.

In the last three Sundays of the church year we focus on the end of our travels: our death and the Lord Jesus Christ’s return to earth which is also called the Last Day or Judgement Day.  On that day, God tells us through the Holy Bible, Jesus will return in power and he will raise all people from the dead and he will judge all for what they have done in live, whether good or evil.  In the Holy Bible, the prophet Malachi states that sinners will not be able to escape God’s judgement for their sins.  This is not good news for you and me for we have all sinned and done what is evil in God’s sight and we have also sinned by not loving our neighbour as ourself.  So left to travel on our own, each one of us is traveling towards death and eternal judgement.

But the good news is that God has done some traveling himself.  Jesus Christ, true God from eternity, traveled from heaven to earth and became man in the womb of the Virgin Mary.  Jesus was born on Christmas Day and he traveled from his birth in Bethlehem to his death on a wooden cross outside Jerusalem.  During Jesus’ life and travels he lived a sinless life for our sake; he never sinned against God or his neighbour.  This was all God the Father’s plan, because in Jesus God the Father worked out his plan was to put the judgement of the sin of every person who has ever lived on Jesus.  Jesus traveled to this earth to become the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the world: this was his mission.  Jesus died on the cross and his body was placed in a tomb near where he was crucified.  But Jesus’ travels did not end there: God the Father raised him from the dead on the third day after he died, showing the world that he accepted his Son’s life and sacrifice for our sins.  This means no judgement for you, no judgement for me.  Through faith, through trust, that Jesus is God and Saviour all our sins are paid for, all our judgement goes on Jesus.  What wonderful good news!

After Jesus’ resurrection he traveled back to God the Father’s side in heaven at his ascension.  Now he waits there for one more journey: to return on the Last Day.  Knowing God’s love and mercy shown to us in Jesus we have peace and certainty that our life’s travel’s will not just end in death.  God’s promise to us is that as he raised his Son Jesus from the dead he will raise us from the dead too and give us new life, eternal life, after death.  God will destroy this world on the Last Day and he will judge sinners who reject his offer of salvation in Jesus to hell.  But for those who believe in his Son, he will give new life.  This means through faith in Jesus we travel from birth to death, but then after we die and the Last Day comes God will raise us from the dead through faith in Jesus and our travels will continue.

We hope you find this website useful.  If you are local, we are a family-friendly church, that is pro-life, and believes that the Holy Bible is God’s inspired word and the source of all authority and faith and life in God’s church.  Our worship services are liturgical (they follow a liturgy) and are in-person every Sunday at 10:45AM.  There are many children in worship and we don’t mind one bit if your child or children makes some noise: we’ll just be glad to worship the Lord with you.

Happy travels!


Pastor Korsch