Our Pastor

Dear Reader,

With one touch it all came crashing down!

I was editing the website and thought I was doing a good thing updating a theme on the website but I hit the “activate” button and then we lost our long-used and loved theme we’ve had for many years for this website.

Lent is a season of change: God calls us to examine ourselves and change the way we live.  In Lent we are led to humble, realistic, self-reflection to see our sinful shortcomings, the ways we have sinned against our neighbour and the ways we have sinned against God.  Once we see our sins then we confess them to God in prayer.  While this penitent part of Lent can be difficult it is matched by the forgiveness and absolution we receive from God when we ask God for forgiveness for Christ’s sake.

Lent does not last forever.  In the beautiful rhythm of the church year, Lent always ends in Holy Week, where we see our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ give his life for our sins by death on a cross outside of Jerusalem.

For Jesus’ disciples it seemed like their lives came crashing down with their Lord’s death on Good Friday.  It seemed like all was lost when Jesus died.

Perhaps you have felt like your life has come crashing down these last two years.  Maybe you have lost loved ones, lost your job you loved, lost hope in humanity or even hope in God.

My encouragement to you is to not lose hope!  As the challenging season of Lent and Holy Week seemed to end in defeat and death to the disciples, God had something else in mind.  God used the evil actions of Judas and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate and he turned them into good, because after Lent and after Good Friday comes Easter.

Easter is God’s work of forgiveness and new life.  In Jesus’ resurrection God defeated sin and death.  Easter is God’s saving work for you.  In Jesus’ resurrection we have the promise of new life with God and eternal life, life past physical death.  While life seemed to come crashing down for God’s people when Jesus died, God had other plans!

Join us this Lent and Easter as we worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, who picks up the broken pieces of our lives, makes us whole again, and joins us to his holy church.


Pastor Korsch