Even the Suggestion of Robots Leading Worship is a Desecration of the Divine Service

Dear Reader, This week I noticed a BBC news article with a video titled: God and Robots: Will AI transform religion?  You can read and watch it here: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-58983047 The article and accompanying video ask if artificial intelligence (AI) and…

Online Bible study ends

Dear members of Grace, The online Bible study of John’s Gospel will end effective immediately.  Doing some analysis of the viewership on YouTube I noticed the Bible study has had no one watching it the last two weeks and one…

Gospel of John Bible study for John 9:1-41 (Sunday, October 24, 2021)

Dear Members of Grace, To watch today’s Bible study on John chapter 9 please double-click below to watch the videos: John 9:1-7 https://youtu.be/2n57tjbXDEI John 9:8-23 https://youtu.be/U_Pkk4y5Ktk John 9:24-41 https://youtu.be/TiUj90ANaQQ   Pastor Korsch

Gospel of John Bible study for John 8:1-59 (Sunday, October 17, 2021)

Dear members of Grace, Please double-click on the links below to watch this Sunday’s bible study from John chapter eight. John 8:1-11 https://youtu.be/ZCkkQ3eKJYg John 8:12-38 https://youtu.be/yQZTaRAd6P0 John 8:39-59 https://youtu.be/ObFFEwhVVSE   Pastor Korsch

Thanksgiving Message from Pastor Korsch

Dear Members of Grace, Please click here to watch a short Thanksgiving message from me: https://youtu.be/UCqTRARwst4 God bless, Pastor Korsch

Gospel of John Bible study for John 7:1-53 (Sunday, October 10, 2021)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! Last Sunday we covered until the end of John chapter 6 in-person at Grace.  This Sunday we continue our Bible study with John chapter 7. John 7:1-13 https://youtu.be/fl4_YP9pjSM John 7:14-39 https://youtu.be/mAiPyCcZrOs John 7:40-53 https://youtu.be/W45xOXkUtoE   In Christ, Pastor…