I found an ancient prayer book that belonged to my father, born January 20, 1913, deceased March 31, 1994.  The tiny book was much used and pages are missing but it was inscribed:  Ivan Barber.  In remembrance of your confirmation.  March 13, 1932 by C.W. Roegge.

Prayer at the Beginning of a New Church Year.

O THOU Eternal God and faithful Father, upon entering a new church year we render Thee humble thanks above all for all the spiritual benefits received at Thy hands during the past year.  Thou has suffered us to retain Thy holy word and the public preaching thereof, together with the Holy Sacraments, while we by our ingratitude have fully deserved that we should be deprived of such blessings; for we are no better and have sinned no less against Thee than many of our brethren at other places, from whom, in Thy just judgement, Thou has either wholly withdrawn the word and preaching of Thy gospel or greatly curtailed it.  And it appears that also at many other places Thou art about to remove the light of Thy word in pursuance of Thy judgement.  O Lord, we are not at all worthy of all the mercies Thou has shown unto us, Thine unprofitable servants, treating us, to this day, with such long suffering.  We now pray Thee, forgive all our sins wherewith in the past church year we have transgressed against Thee, either by doing what was wrong, or by failing to do what was right.  As the first mark of Thy grace, cancel, we pray Thee, our sins of the past church year with the blood of Thy dear Son, and in order to render us worthy of this grace, engender in our hearts true repentance, so that we do not carry any unforgiven sins over into the new church year, sins that we are not by Thy power willing entirely to abandon.  Preserve unto us, also in the future, Thy holy Word and Sacraments, and thus the kingdom of Thy Son, and do not suffer the enemy to deprive us of this great blessing and to extend his kingdom of darkness among us.  And in this do not look upon any worthiness of ours, but rather upon this that the honor of Thy Son be not blasphemed by the enemies, who fancy to have wrecked Thy kingdom among us.  Preserve all our faithful teachers and preachers, whom Thou has given us and Bestow upon them in this church year new light and the power of Thy Holy Spirit, that they may in Thy presence and power proclaim to us Thy word in its truth and purity, without the adulteration of anything human.  Grant also to them at all times wisdom and insight rightly to determine what is most necessary to be discussed in public discourse.

Do Thou, therefore, not suffer them to speak what they please, but do Thou guide their tongues and hearts to speak at all times, what is pleasing unto Thee.  Give efficacy to Thy word and to Thy holy Sacraments that also in this church year we may behold in them the blessed means of our salvation, which saves our souls.  Confirm anew the good Thou didst already in the past year effect in them, and let this word continue to show its efficacy in instructing the simple, in converting the unregenerate, in convincing the malicious, in strengthening the souls that already know Thee, the number of which Thou wouldst, we pray Thee, increase also this year, according to Thy good pleasure.  Grant also to all hearers of Thy word, that they receive it from the mouths of their ministers with attention and meekness not only, but that they, when hearing the word at all times submit their hearts to you in such quietness and meekness as will permit the Holy Spirit to accomplish the work of faith in them, to the end that all live a life before Thee in this church year more holy than formerly.  Especially do Thou grant grace, that a firm foundation of the knowledge of the truth be laid among us, so that it may become a living knowledge, which praises Thee by its fruits and we come to know in very deed that this is life eternal, that Thou, Father, art the only true God and whom Thou has sent is Jesus Christ, life everlasting.  Amen.

Prayer for the Advent Season

O THOU LORD Of glory and God over all, blessed forever, to Thee I render heartfelt thanks both for all Thy great and unspeakable blessings, and also for this that out of love beyond measure Thou didst descend to us poor mortals in this vale of tears from the throne of Thy divine majesty, in order to preserve us lost and condemned sinners from the pit that hath no water.  I praise Thee, O Jesus, Thou king of glory, with all my strength and energies, that Thou didst come upon this earth only to this end to deliver us from our enemies, from sin, death, hell and the devil, and with Thy holy blood to effect an eternal reconciliation between Thy heavenly Father and us, and by Thy precious merits to regain for us our lost righteousness.  Hossana, O Lord, save now, O Lord, send now prosperity!  Amen

Two other prayers are copied here:

Prayer of a Husband, #22 on page 37

ALMIGHTY, Beneficent God, Thou has Thyself instituted holy wedlock, and has, by means of the first miracle of Thy dear Son Jesus Christ, honored and distinguished it as a state pleasing to Thee, in which also many sainted fathers and prophets lived a godly life, well-pleasing to Thee.  And since by Thy guidance I have entered holy matrimony, and Thou has ordained me to be the head of a household and dost take especial delight in the following things:  that brethren dwell together in unity, that neighbors love one another, and that husband and wife serve each other in love, I now pray Thee from the inmost of my heart grant that I, in Christian love, harmony, and consideration live with my wife as the weaker vessel, that I accord to her the honor due her as co-heir to the grace of life eternal, that I incline her, together with our children and domestics to a knowledge of Thee and Thine honor, doing all this in chastity and propriety.  To this end do Thou bestow grace, that the members of my household follow my guidance when I direct them to what is good and godly.  Prevent the evil one from introducing discord and contention, and if, through weakness of the flesh, the spirit of discord get the upper hand, grant that harmony be speedily restored.  Graciously grant that I may never covet a strange spouse or woman, nor look upon her to lust after her.  If it is Thy divine will, keep sickness from me and my family.  And grant to me, Thine humble servant, that I be diligent in my calling, eat my bread in the sweat of my brow, and do not grow disheartened over stress of work, for Thou hast so ordained it.  Also bestow Thy blessing upon my substance, that it may increase without damage or loss to others.  Favour me with pious servants and faithful laborers.  Preserve from harm my house and my home and all Thou has given me.  Also help me patiently to bear my cross, and after this life gather us and all Christians in Thy kingdom above.  Amen.

Prayer of a Wife:

O BENIGNANT GOD And faithful Father, since, Thou in grace hast called me to domestic duties in holy wedlock, a state in which I can also serve and please Thee, O my God–Give grace unto me, Thy servant, that I may constantly keep Thy fear before mine eyes, also love and trust in Thee, not coveting any other.  Do Thou grant that according to Thy decree my will be subject to that of my husband, yielding to him with all readiness, and that my heart be ever graced with that mild, peaceful spirit and those manifold virtues shown by the holy women of ancient days, who placed their hope in God and were subject to their husbands.  Grant to me, Thine handmaid, a chaste and proper walk in fear and humility, so that I may, with kind and modest words and in a spirit of piety, prevent or allay any wrath or ill humor of my husband, ever treating him with gentleness and forebearance.  May I rear my children and domestics in a mild spirit to the praise and glory of Thy holy name, and may they readily follow my guidance to what is noble and good.  Grand, furthermore, that I may be a true helpmeet to my husband, being careful and not wasteful with the substance thou has graciously given us.  Also grant that I work and exert myself, that I “have to give to him that needeth,” and may extend my hand in charity to the poor.  Preserve us from dishonest laborers and evil-minded domestics, who would diminish or waste our property.  Also bestow grace, I pray Thee, for a patient bearing of my cross, so that I do not grow timid and dismayed at prospects of a trial, inasmuch as by trials and adversities our faith is proved.  O Lord God, into Thine almighty hand I commit myself, my dear husband, all my children and domestics; preserve us, I pray Thee, from sin, shame, and all ills, through Christ Jesus, our Lord.  Amen.