Adult Bible Study now Online

Dear Members of Grace,

As we have continued with our 9AM and 10:45AM Divine Services for the last year we have missed out on Sunday morning adult Bible study as it used to start at 9:30AM.  This fall I will do a trial of recording a Bible study and putting it online.  This way, whether you attend worship at the early or late service, you will now be able to listen to the Bible study either on Sunday or any other time of the week.

We will pick up where we left off about a year ago with the Gospel of John.

I will post the Bible study each week as soon as I’ve finished it so it will be available before Sunday morning.

Here is today’s links.  Double-click on the link and it will take you to the video of the Bible study,

John 4:43-54:

John 5:1-18:

John 5:10-18:


Pastor Korsch