How to get to Grace from UW, WLU and Conestoga College on Grand River Transit

Dear university and college students,

If you are new to town and post-secondary education I hope you had a great frosh week (do they still call it that?) and a great first day of classes.

We had a new Conestoga College student join us last Sunday and that reminded me to tell you with the Grand River Transit route changes in the summer there is now a new way to get to us by bus.

Before I get to that please know, whether you are a university or college student,  if you would like a ride to Grace on Sunday morning our deaconess would be happy to help you out.  Just email me, Pastor Korsch, on Saturday evening at and we can arrange for you to get a ride to church.  Also, if you have a car and want to drive we have lots of parking space.  Our address is 136 Margaret Avenue, Kitchener, and the parking lot is off of Louisa Street.

If you are a WLU student and would like to use the bus, take the #8 bus Weber-Fairway Station on the corner of University Avenue and King Street to get to Grace.  You have to get off the bus on Weber Street at the Wellington Street stop and then walk to Grace (136 Margaret Avenue) from there.  It is a 9 minute walk from the bus stop to Grace.  Walk east on Wellington Street until you get to Margaret Avenue and then turn left and Grace will be one block ahead on your right.  The bus arrives at University and King at 9:16AM, 9:45AM and 10:16AM on Sunday morning.  Worship begins at 10:45AM and Bible study begins at 9:30AM.  There used to be a bus from WLU straight to our front door but they have changed that route, now Route #4 goes by Grace.

If you are a UW student, make your way to University and King and follow the WLU directions above.

If you are a Conestoga College student at the main campus, contact us and we’ll give you a ride as it takes 1 hour to get to us by transit from your campus.

We hope to see you this Sunday.


Pastor Rob Korsch