Portals of Prayer Available Upon Request

Dear Members of Grace,

Many of you were able to get a copy of the latest edition of Portals of Prayer, our Lutheran devotional booklet, before the church closed in March.  But if you were not able to get a copy before the church closed and you would like one please phone me, Pastor Korsch, at my home number, or call the church and leave a voicemail with your request and I will drop one off in your mailbox.  I’ve made a few deliveries this week and if you are still without please let me know.  If you live in an apartment that has restricted access to your mailbox then I will have to mail you your copy for it to arrive in your mailbox!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for one if you don’t have the April edition of the Portals of Prayer.  I have many regular size copies and one remaining large print copy so that is available as well.

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch