Welcome Local UW, WLU and Conestoga College Students

To all freshmen and returning university and college students,

If you are looking for a church home in K-W and desire a congregation that values the Holy Bible as the inerrant, and inspired Word of God, believes in the creation of the world and all people by God in six days, values the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, and holds to the traditional Christian values of marriage, family and vocation, along with having a young adults group where you can get to know faithful Christians your age, Grace is the place for you.

Grace offers two services per Sunday: a 9AM service where no face-mask exemptions are allowed and a 10:45AM service for all.  Both of these services follow the biblical Lutheran liturgy and are accompanied by the organ and many Sundays with instrumental or choir additions.

If you need help getting to Grace please contact us by Friday morning and we can help arrange a ride for you (and your friends) to Grace.

As a UW alumni (Hon. co-op chemistry) I know post-secondary studies are challenging, but the Lord is with you and He will strengthen you for all the challenges that lie ahead with His Word and Sacraments along with the fellowship that comes from your brothers and sisters in Christ!


Pastor Korsch