Welcome UW, WLU and Conestoga Students

Dear Students,

If you are new to Kitchener-Waterloo, welcome to our beautiful twin city.  I hope you have a great academic year and your classes go well.  As a former UW grad I remember the nervousness of starting something as big as post-secondary education.  EVERYTHING was new and it took time to adjust.

One thing that always helps a Christian adjust when moving to a new city is finding a church home and settling in there.  As a co-op student I moved around a lot and the first thing I always did was find a new church home because there I found instant new group of friends and a loving Christian community.  That made all my moving around a whole lot easier.

If you are new to town and are looking for a church home which holds the Bible as God’s inerrant and inspired word, holds to God’s six (24 hour) day creation of the world, is pro-family, pro-marriage (the union of one man and one woman), pro-life, and you value the historic liturgy of the Christian church, then Grace is the church for you.

Grace is a member congregation of  Lutheran Church-Canada, a biblically conservative and confessional Lutheran church which has 300 churches across Canada.  Outsiders in society would label us as “fundamentalist” but we view ourselves as those who seek to be faithful to God’s Holy Word.  You can find out more about Lutheran Church-Canada at https://lutheranchurch.ca

Our liturgy follows the historic Western Christian liturgy as Dr. Martin Luther altered it from the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.

If you need a ride to Grace from anywhere in K-W on Sunday morning please email me at pastorkorsch@yahoo.com preferably a few days before Sunday and our deaconess will give you a ride to church.  Up until and including the Labour Day weekend worship begins at 9:30AM.  After Labour Day, Bible study is at 9:30AM and the Divine Service is at 10:45AM.

If you have any other questions about Grace that you can’t find answers to on this website please feel free to give me a call at 519-742-7431 and I’d be happy to talk with you.  We might even be able to find some hands to help move you in.

Welcome to K-W and we hope you settle in just nicely in the coming weeks.  God bless your studies this fall!


Pastor Rob Korsch