Lutheran Content Online!

Dear members of Grace,

The following are a set of links to a great deal of Lutheran Church-Canada content as well as links to other Lutheran websites that offer Lutheran audio/video content or books:

  1. Lutheran Church-Canada’s website has all kinds of Lutheran content in both text, audio and video.  At the bottom of LC-C’s webpage you will find links to LC-C’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds and from there you can subscribe to their content:
  2. The second is a Lutheran radio station out of the United States.  It is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) radio station.  They have live streaming for much of the day.
  3. This next resource is a Lutheran radio talk show called Issues Etc, which has many interviews with pastors of the LCMS speaking on a variety of theological and cultural subjects.  There is a treasure trove of on-demand audio clips on just about every subject you can think of on this website.  It is a great place to learn Christian doctrine as well as hear discussions of cultural issues, albeit from and American (LCMS) perspective.
  4. The next resource is called The Lutheran Hour, a long-running Sunday morning radio show which has a pastor preach a sermon which is recorded each Sunday.
  5. The following website is the website of our church’s publishing house, Concordia Publishing House.  They have a wide array of excellent Lutheran books on topics for pastor and people alike.

I hope this Lutheran content is a blessing to you!

In Christ,

Pastor Korsch