Tabernacle Tour in Cambridge

A  full-scale model of the ancient tabernacle is coming to Cambridge for a limited time and you are invited to tour it with Grace Lutheran’s pastor, Rev. Rob Korsch, on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 1PM.  Meet Pastor Korsch (who will be wearing his clerical shirt) in the parking lot of Cambridge Christian School (229 Myers Road, Cambridge, ON) at 12:45PM if you would like to hear his pre-tour talk.

The tour put on by the owners of the display lasts approximately 75 minutes consisting of: (1) a basic structural overview of the tabernacle, (2) the courtyard and the symbolism of the Altar for Burnt Offering and the Laver, (3) a tour of the Holy Place and its furnishings, (4) a tour of the Most Holy Place and the Ark of the Covenant and (5) a look at the sacred vestments worn by the High Priest.

The tabernacle exhibit and tour is being put on by a group called Messiah’s Mansion.  Pastor Korsch does not know anything about this group but their theology does look sketchy as the promotional brochure asks questions such as “Are there hidden secrets in a 3000 year old Sanctuary that can enhance your life?” and “Could the history of this ancient Sanctuary reveal your future?”

Pastor Korsch has done graduate level study with Lutheran Professor Dr. John Kleinig, and his course “The Divine Service in the Old Testament” and will share some of his theological insights regarding the tabernacle and its sacrifices with you both before and after the tour.


Cost: Free

Location: Cambridge Christian School, 229 Myers Road, Cambridge, ON

Date and time (if you would like to go on your own): June 28-July 6, 2014, between 1PM-7PM